#1 A Journey Through Concussion – Emma Woods

In her early twenties, Emma suffered a moderate concussion in a whitewater kayaking accident that led her on a journey to redefine who she is and find more balance in her life. We talk about her experience recovering from concussion spanning a four year period, including dealing with post-concussion syndrome. 

She faced challenges with her identity, she reset her values and found that positive things emerged from her journey. She’s now working back in her field of marine science, something she didn’t know if she’d ever have the ability to return to.

In this episode…

  • Emma’s whitewater kayaking accident that led to her first major concussion
  • Learn about signs & symptoms of moderate concussion
  • Hear about Emma’s personal rehabilitation journey
  • Learn about post concussion syndrome
  • Marine science & other water adventures!
Emma talks about a sea kayaking trip in Alaska during her recovery period
Water Monitoring – Lee River

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