#10 Kite Skiing across Antarctica, outdoor storytelling & the NZ mountain film festival – Mark Sedon

Mark’s diverse skill set serendipitously landed him a place on what was dubbed “the most audacious and potentially groundbreaking polar expedition in a generation”. He and two teammates used snow-kites to reach the most remote mountain on Earth – The Spectre, in the Gothic Mountains of Antarctica.

Antarctic Spectre Expedition 2017/18
Antarctic Spectre Expedition 2017/18

This expedition is a focus but first we hear about the evolution of Mark’s passion for adventure and gain some wonderful insights into the New Zealand Mountain Film & Book Festival, which he and his wife Jo have been running for 19 years. 

Mark snow kiting in New Zealand
Mark skiing in Utah
Kiting in Peru

In this episode you’ll hear about…

  • Mark’s career and lifestyle in the outdoors
  • The Spectre expedition in Antarctica
  • Skiing the 7 continents
  • The history of the NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival
  • Outdoor storytelling & film making
  • Mark’s latest creative project – writing a book!
  • Mark’s personal perspectives on environmental ethic & what he’s doing to reduce his impact

This episode is sponsored by Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand

Film trailer

Episode links:

-30c inside the tent!
Climbing The Spectre, Antarctica

Antarctic Spectre Expedition 2017/18

Episode sponsored by FMC

The Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ sponsors the NZ Mountain Film Festival, to support the shared vision of inspiring and empowering the outdoor community through storytelling and sharing experiences. FMC’s support of the festival enables kiwi schools to access a 45 minute selection of festival films for FREE. 

If your school wants to get the films, register online; www.fmc.org.nz/mountainfilm 

But FMC also has its own channels for storytelling. If you’ve ever been to a hut in NZ, chances are you’ve come across a well-read copy of FMC’s Backcountry magazine.  First produced in 1957, these little A5 bulletins form the backbone of many hut libraries around Aotearoa and are as much a part of hut culture as the hut log book. To get your copy direct, and show your support to FMC’s mission, join FMC online!

FMC encourages contributions to their magazine, but there’s often too much great content to ever fit in one issue, so they began their Wilderlife.nz blog in 2016. As well as a widely eclectic blog of stories from across the whole outdoor community, Wilderlife has an online copy of FMC’s Safety in the Mountains manual, which has been in print since 1937. There is also an ‘outdoor community’ section aimed at clubs and groups, with resources for running club events, as well as tons of advice for keeping on the right side of the law for many of the legal issues – hiring gear, renting vans for club trips, liability of trip leaders and so on. 

Check out www.wilderlife.nz/contribute to add your 2c. 

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