#12 Solo bush journeys in Te Urewera and Fiordland – Mark Jones

Mark is an outdoor education lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology, who has been on some epic journeys over the years. In this episode we focus on two of his most memorable trips in New Zealand. ‘Salt and Pepper Hikoi’ was a 17 day traverse of Te Urewera. His kaupapa was to get allContinue reading “#12 Solo bush journeys in Te Urewera and Fiordland – Mark Jones”

#11 Conservation, Kea and balancing field work with being a mum – Laura Young

In this episode I chat to Dr Laura Young, a talented botanist and conservationist based in Blenheim. We talk about Laura’s love for ecology and how her career in conservation has evolved, from rediscovering a giant weevil, the Canterbury knobbled Weevil (previously believed to be extinct) to studying wild Spaniards and kea. Laura has aContinue reading “#11 Conservation, Kea and balancing field work with being a mum – Laura Young”

#10 Kite Skiing across Antarctica, outdoor storytelling & the NZ mountain film festival – Mark Sedon

Mark’s diverse skill set serendipitously landed him a place on what was dubbed “the most audacious and potentially groundbreaking polar expedition in a generation”. He and two teammates used snow-kites to reach the most remote mountain on Earth – The Spectre, in the Gothic Mountains of Antarctica.

#9 Finding the freedom to run – Tanya Bottomley

Tanya first started to run when she was living in a destructive, abusive relationship. But she wasn’t allowed to run with other people and she wasn’t allowed to run on trails. Fast-forward to today and she’s living in Lake Hawea where she finds joy in adventures in the mountains almost every day.

#8 From mountaineering to bikepacking – Brian Alder

In this episode we talk about Brian’s evolution as a climber and then as a bikepacker. We also talk about the evolution of mountaineering in New Zealand, including the style of climbing in New Zealand in the late 80s and 90s and the positives of mentorship in the New Zealand Alpine Team.

#7 University club culture and falling in love with alpine adventures – Maddy Whittaker

Maddy had never gone tramping before she headed off on an Outward Bound course as an 18 year old.  It totally changed the course of her life and she has been immersed in the New Zealand outdoor scene ever since. She joined the Otago University Tramping Club, later becoming the OUTC president, and has spentContinue reading “#7 University club culture and falling in love with alpine adventures – Maddy Whittaker”

#5 Storytime: A journey of life and loss in the Wadi Rum Desert – Hannah Rae

This short story is written and narrated by Kiwi woman, Hannah Rae. After losing a close friend in an alpine accident and her father within the space of a few weeks, Hannah spiralled into a period of grief. It was during this time that she took on the challenge of her first ultra marathon.

#4 FEAR Society and Kiwi adventure culture – Andy Magness

Originally from the states, Andy grew up immersed in North American outdoor culture before relocating to NZ later in his adult life. In this episode Andy and I chat about adventure racing and a small but growing adventure racing community in Te Anau, on the edge of Fiordland National Park in New Zealand.