#2 Born again Maori wāhine & keen hunter – Tui Mārama

Tui Mārama is an inspiring wāhine from Gisborne who’s doing a lot of amazing mahi for her community.

Less than three years ago, she went hunting for the first time and hasn’t looked back. In this episode Tui talks about how a chance encounter led to her TV show ‘Hunting with Tui’. We talk about her reconnecting to her whakapapa (roots), her perspectives on wairua (spirit) and the link between Whanaungatanga (togetherness) and the outdoors.

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#1 A Journey Through Concussion – Emma Woods

In her early twenties, Emma suffered a moderate concussion in a whitewater kayaking accident that led her on a journey to redefine who she is and find more balance in her life. We talk about her experience recovering from concussion spanning a four year period, including dealing with post-concussion syndrome. 

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