#12 Solo bush journeys in Te Urewera and Fiordland – Mark Jones

Mark is an outdoor education lecturer at the Auckland University of Technology, who has been on some epic journeys over the years. In this episode we focus on two of his most memorable trips in New Zealand. ‘Salt and Pepper Hikoi’ was a 17 day traverse of Te Urewera. His kaupapa was to get allContinue reading “#12 Solo bush journeys in Te Urewera and Fiordland – Mark Jones”

#10 Kite Skiing across Antarctica, outdoor storytelling & the NZ mountain film festival – Mark Sedon

Mark’s diverse skill set serendipitously landed him a place on what was dubbed “the most audacious and potentially groundbreaking polar expedition in a generation”. He and two teammates used snow-kites to reach the most remote mountain on Earth – The Spectre, in the Gothic Mountains of Antarctica.