Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ (FMC)

I’d like to give a big shout-out to the Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand for sponsoring this podcast.

In 1931, visionary members from a few tramping clubs came together to create FMC. The goal was to celebrate a common value – the freedom of the hills. 

Initially it was more about tramping and mountaineering but in recent years they’ve started to represent a much more diverse group of us, from cavers, paragliders and hang gliders, to packrafters and amateur adventure racers. The FMC is the voice of New Zealand’s outdoor people. 

When required, the FMC also advocates for freedom of access to New Zealand’s incredible mountains and the protection of our wild lands for everyone to enjoy.

In each episode I share something about the FMC that links in with the interview.

FMC relies on the outdoor community to keep doing what it’s doing. If you want to lend a land – to go FMC/join and become a supporter.

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