#8 From mountaineering to bikepacking – Brian Alder

In this episode we talk about Brian’s evolution as a climber and then as a bikepacker. We also talk about the evolution of mountaineering in New Zealand, including the style of climbing in New Zealand in the late 80s and 90s and the positives of mentorship in the New Zealand Alpine Team.

Our conversation turns to the rapidly developing bikepacking scene around the world and in NZ. We chat about pushing the limits in mountaineering compared to bikepacking races. Brian shares some experiences from the Tour Divide race in North America, the Great Southern Brevet in NZ and organising the inaugural Tour Te Waipounamu bikepacking race.

In this episode you’ll hear about…

  • Brian’s evolution as a climber & perspectives on mountaineering in NZ
  • Pushing the limits in mountaineering versus bikepacking races
  • The evolving bikepacking scene in New Zealand
  • Riding the Tour Divide bikepacking race in North America
  • Organising the inaugural Tour Te Waipounamu bikepacking race

This episode is sponsored by Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand

Episode links

End of the Tour Divide

Episode sponsored by FMC

In 2015 FMC launched their Outdoor Community campaign. It’s about recognising that our outdoor community is more diverse and there’s an increasing range of outdoor sports that catch people’s attention. 

Each year FMC identifies an activity that takes place in the same environment as tramping and shares its ethos of exploration, companionship and appreciation of nature. FMC prioritises the development and support of that pursuit for a one year period. During the past five years they’ve supported canyoning, adventure navigation, ski touring, packrafting, family tramping  – and this year the focus is on bikepacking. 

Find out more about the FMC Outdoor Community campaigns here.

Mountaineering expedition in Peru (Brian is second from the left)

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