#2 Born again Maori wāhine & keen hunter – Tui Mārama

Tui Mārama is an inspiring wāhine from Gisborne who’s doing a lot of amazing mahi for her community.

Less than three years ago, she went hunting for the first time and hasn’t looked back. In this episode Tui talks about how a chance encounter led to her TV show ‘Hunting with Tui’. We talk about her reconnecting to her whakapapa (roots), her perspectives on wairua (spirit) and the link between Whanaungatanga (togetherness) and the outdoors.

She sees the outdoors, especially hunting and gathering, as an opportunity to help build up the mana of people in Aotearoa. Tui grew up in Christchurch, and it wasn’t until she was a young adult that she returned to her mother’s whakapapa on the East Cape.

She has worked in both the Navy and the police force, recently transitioning into a role as an iwi representative (working in a partnership between local iwi and the police), focusing on supporting families who are working through the challenges of family harm.

Kapai, Tui. You’re doing some amazing mahi! 

In this episode you’ll hear about…

  • Tui’s introduction to hunting & how her passion is evolving
  • The joys of hunting and gathering, including mental health benefits and bringing communities together
  • Tui’s perspectives on wairua (spirit) and connection to the land
  • The link between Whanaungatanga (togetherness) and the outdoors
  • It’s also a wonderful insight into life on the East Cape and

Episode links

Hunting with Tui – short video

Hunting with Tui (nice summary video)

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